Top Tips for Online Dating

Online dating has opened up a whole new world for people looking for love, offering variety and freedom never before possible. However, for all its advantages, it also has the potential to trip up anyone new to the online dating scene. Save yourself some time by following the tips below to ensure that you do online dating the right way, from registration to rendezvous.


Be Honest

When it comes to your online profile, it is always tempting to stretch the truth or to use a photo of your younger self in order to attract potential suitors. However, this could come as a huge disappointment to anyone who does meet the real you and lead to heartbreak all round. Instead, emphasise your best points and let your true character shine through!

Don’t Give Too Much Away

This said, you needn’t give away every little detail when publicising your profile. Keep in mind the phrase ‘less is more’ and, rather than revealing everything at once, keep an air of intrigue about you. Not only is it more likely to attract the ‘right’ kind of person, it will also keep you from being bombarded with overtly suggestive and unwanted e-mails!

Pick the Right Site

One major component of online dating success is the site that you choose to use, such as http://www.seniordating Everyone has different wants and needs, and as a result there are hundreds of dating sites serving them.

Take Profiles with a Pinch of Salt

Of course, if you feel the temptation to tweak your profile, it should come as little surprise that other people do too! Recent statistics have shown that as many as 81% of users pad out their profile with intentionally inaccurate information so before you settle on a profile, keep in mind that reality may be a long way from what you see on screen.

Choose Someone with Similar Interests but Don’t Be Too Picky

The whole point of online dating is to find someone that suits you and your lifestyle, so it is worth taking your time. A great advantage of the online world is the number of people out there with interests similar to yours, making finding someone who ticks all the boxes just that little bit easier. Nevertheless, don’t get too picky – after all, no one is perfect, and try and keep the criticisms to a minimum, you never know, after all, what kind of sparks could fly once you actually do meet.

Prepare Yourself for Rejection

Finally, even though you may want to stick your head in the sand in this one, you have to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of rejection. Even if sparks may fly on screen, this doesn’t always translate in person. Don’t take it to heart; the best thing to do is to brush yourself off and try again. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

Online dating can be a fantastic and brilliantly rewarding experience and one of the best ways to ensure this is the experience that you get is to take the right approach to it. By following the tips above, you are sure to find the perfect date in no time.


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Top 5 Quirky Museums in New York

The Big Apple is home to thousands of cultural attractions, from world class galleries and museums to concert halls and exhibitions. Among New York’s many well-known institutions like the Natural History Museum and MOMA, there are several which can only be described as ‘quirky’ or unusual. Let’s take a closer look at five unique museum experiences in New York.

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

A museum designed by, and featuring the works of, Japanese sculptor and artist Isamu Noguchi. Located in Long Island City, the museum opened in 1985 and features a beautiful indoor garden space and permanent exhibitions inside a converted warehouse. There are ten galleries housing architectural works, sculptures and furniture collections. On the ground floor is the centrepiece garden, which features over 150 sculptures, some of which remain unfinished following the artist’s death in 1988.

Intrepid Museum

What could be more fun for adventurous types than visiting an aircraft carrier? The USS Intrepid Museum is devoted to air, sea and space exhibitions, and features unique attractions such as an original Concorde plane, an interactive space shuttle exhibit and the Growler, the only US missile submarine which is publicly accessible. If you’re planning ahead – and it’s worth it to beat the queues – a range of Intrepid museum tickets can be purchased at discount rates online or on site.

Alice Austen House Museum

Found on Staten Island, this is a quirky former Victorian cottage home that has been converted into a museum depicting turn of the 20th Century life in America. From a restored Victorian garden featuring quince and mulberry to photographic exhibitions, this is a tiny but memorable slice of the US as it was a century ago.

El Museo del Barrio

Founded in the 1980s, El Museo del Barrio is the only New York museum devoted to contemporary Puerto Rican, Latin American and Caribbean Art. Housed in what resembles an apartment block, the museum holds hundreds of pieces of art together with a range of accompanying books and literature.

Cooper-Hewitt (National Design Museum)

The Cooper-Hewitt is an unusual museum which displays household objects reworked into artistic and design pieces. From furniture and computers to smaller household items, this is a celebration of design ingenuity and artistic inspiration, and is well worth a look. It resides on 5th Avenue, along the so-called ‘Museum Mile’.

So dig beneath the surface next time you’re taking a bit of the Big Apple: with so much diversity on offer alongside the more famous galleries and museums, no visitor to New York should be left disappointed!

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Pregnancy: The Effects on your Body

During pregnancy, you will undergo a radical transformation. In order to carry a zygote to full term, your body has to effectively rearrange into a life support system for two. The production of blood increases by around 50% to provide oxygenation. Meanwhile, the blastocyst (the outermost protective layer formed around a fertilised egg) implants itself into the side of the womb to grow into a placenta, which protects and nurtures the expanding embryo. The skeleton is loosened for birth by a hormone called Relaxin, which has been detected at up to ten times the regular rate in pregnant women. Expansion of the breasts will typically occur, in order to aid the production of colostrum (a nutritious, antibody rich fluid) and milk.


Most of these physical changes are perfectly natural. However, a large number of women will also experience a variety of side effects. The womb expansion that takes place inside you effectively squashes many of the internal organs. It is not unusual for an expectant mother to suffer from heartburn, muscle ache, upset stomach, indigestion, constipation, bleeding gums, hot flushes, cramps, itching, excessive urine production or the loss of bladder control.

The nausea associated with pregnancy has become infamous colloquially as Morning Sickness. Despite the name, vomiting can occur at any time of day. However, this usually ceases by the second trimester and is harmless for most (if disconcerting.) Gaining at least a modicum of (temporary) weight is to be expected, due to your increased fluid production and reduced mobility. Swelling, tingling and numbness are also very common due to the pressures of physiological change.

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy can also have unfortunate consequences. Roughly 78% of expectant mothers will experience insomnia, while pre-natal pressures result in depression amongst an estimated 10%. Psychological problems such as chronic tiredness, persistent headaches and dizziness can also manifest themselves.

Likewise, the increased production of blood can seriously hinder mothers to be. The U.S Office of Women’s Health estimates that up to 50% will suffer from acute haemorrhoids. Similarly, varicose veins can emerge and unexpected nosebleeds are also common. These problems are particularly widespread amongst women who have previously been inactive, or who are nearing the end of their biological fertility.

Through scheduling regular health assessments, your doctor will be able to give you further in-depth advice. Pain reducing medication can often be professionally prescribed for ailments. However, vaginal bleeding, unusual discharge(s), burning urination, severe or chronic pain and continuous (or out of place) symptoms are all abnormal. These could all prove potentially dangerous. Contact a medical professional immediately for an emergency health assessment if you (or anyone else) display one or more of the critical symptoms listed above.

Family fundraising ideas

Getting together as a family to support a local charity or a cause close to your heart is a great way to spend some quality time together as well as raise some much-needed money. From joining a one-off organised event such as a family fun run to drumming up ongoing support for a community project, there are many ways in which you and your family can make a difference.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.45.16 PM

From the imaginative to the traditional, fundraising has never been more fun. Encourage your children to get creative and consider ways in which they’d enjoy getting involved. While sponsored walks, cycles and runs encourage you to get active together they may not always be inclusive of all abilities, particularly if you have small children. So why not consider staging a few alternative events that will appeal to a broader audience and involve participants of all ages?

Community cinema occasions often attract a good turn-out. Consider hiring a space in your local school or town hall and stage a special screening of a favourite film. Ensure you charge an entry fee that not only covers the cost of the event but also earns a little extra for your cause. Sell snacks and homemade sweet treats and put the proceeds towards your fundraising total.

Raising funds with a raffle is a perennially popular activity. Your children can charm local businesses into donating prizes, assist on draw day and help deliver goods to the winners. Likewise, why not consider a lottery draw?

The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust Flight for Life  Lottery has proven to be incredibly popular, providing a major source of income for the charity and paying out considerable sums in prize money. While a scheme on that scale may be a little too ambitious for family fundraising, a smaller set-up is still viable for ongoing community projects and there’s no reason why you can’t support these bigger efforts as part of your collective family fundraising.

Supporters pay a fixed subscription for a pre-set amount of numbered lottery tickets. Each numbered ticket is entered into a monthly draw and prizes are awarded. A percentage of the profits are given as prizes and the remainder to your chosen cause.

Children can help to design and sell the tickets and promote awareness of your fundraising cause with posters and other promotional paraphernalia. So enlist the help of your little ones and have fun whilst raising funds!

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Three Things To Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

Little babies are undoubtably the most adorable and loveable creatures in the world. There is something very beautiful and unique about a little infant, and parents will do anything in their power to care for their little baby in any way that they can.

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Buying baby clothes is something that every parent will have to do at some point or other, it’s often a chore that is favourited my mums as some of the baby clothes  that are on the market today are unbelievably cute and totally irresistible.

It is important to remember that extra care and special attention needs to be taken when buying clothes for your baby. Studies have shown that babies skin is five times more sensitive in comparison to that of an adult, and this is why we have to be so careful when buying clothing and products for them.

It is common for first time parents to become a little confused and lost when it comes to buying clothes for their baby. And why wouldn’ they be? They have never done it before.

Don’t become stressed if you find yourself in this situation, and find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Buying baby clothes should be an exciting task and one that you should enjoy and look forward to. Buying clothes for babies as never been easier as there is a huge range of beautiful baby clothes online today.

Here is a number things to keep in mind when buying baby clothes:

  • Give priority to the fabric.

Your choice of fabric should be given some thought and consideration. Try and avoid harsh and scratchy materials that may result in your baby getting a rash. Cotton is said to be the best material for baby clothes as the material is soft and breathable.

  • Comfortable clothes make a baby happy.

Babies like the freedom to wriggle and move around as it makes them happy. So, why confine them by dressing them in clothes that are going to make them feel uncomfortable and irritated. Many of the baby clothes on the market today have rough patches and tight collars, and although they may look cute, they are not the best option if you want your baby to feel carefree and comfortable.

  • Take the weather into consideration.

Before going out on a shopping spree for your baby, you must factor in the present and future weather conditions that are expected. If you’re buying baby clothes for the Winter months, consider stocking up on one-piece outfits that will keep your baby warm and snug when the temperatures drop outside. Breathable cotton outfits are best for Summer, and always purchase summer hats and a sun umbrella  in order to protect your baby from the extreme sun.

Taking the above advice into consideration will help to make buying baby clothes a much easier and enjoyable task. Buying clothes for your baby should be a time of joy and excitement – Happy Shopping!!

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